The internet store is a real thing.

You can find it HERE.

So far DBMSG77 and the FEELS Collection are for sale, with more books (and otherwise?) to come later.

Love on ya!


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email me for the address, if you ain’t in the know


Hey everybody! Big news! It’s about FEELS! I’m running a Patreon about FEELS! If you like FEELS (and let’s be frank, if you’re here, you probably do) then this is your chance to make sure it continues for-ev-er! Or, at least,  for a really long time.

As per usual with things like this, you can get some cool bonuses. The easiest one is access to a blog that will be an excuse for me to talk about pop culture events, as well as letting you know how the comic is coming along! I’m also planning to get a bonus comic strip up and running for higher-tier rewarding. But yeah, check it out to see what can happen. I’m excited about FEELS, and I want to keep doing it until it’s done (which is looking like years, guys. YEARS. Maybe.)

Love on ya!






Episode Two of FEELS is about to end, but Episode Three will be right around the corner!

For now, you can catch up on Episode One RIGHT HERE, FOREVER!

And also, you can catch up on Episode Two RIGHT HERE, ALSO FOREVER!



(Please feel free to use that tight poster up there to show all your friends how excited you are about FEELS!)

In other news, did you know that I AM THE BEST? The best of Chicago’s local music, that is!

Check out the Music part of this page (or just visit my bandcamp page) to see what all the fuss is about!