Hey everybody! Big news! It’s about FEELS! I’m running a Patreon about FEELS! If you like FEELS (and let’s be frank, if you’re here, you probably do) then this is your chance to make sure it continues for-ev-er! Or, at least,  for a really long time.

As per usual with things like this, you can get some cool bonuses. The easiest one is access to a blog that will be an excuse for me to talk about pop culture events, as well as letting you know how the comic is coming along! I’m also planning to get a bonus comic strip up and running for higher-tier rewarding. But yeah, check it out to see what can happen. I’m excited about FEELS, and I want to keep doing it until it’s done (which is looking like years, guys. YEARS. Maybe.)

Love on ya!






Episode Two of FEELS is about to end, but Episode Three will be right around the corner!

For now, you can catch up on Episode One RIGHT HERE, FOREVER!

And also, you can catch up on Episode Two RIGHT HERE, ALSO FOREVER!



(Please feel free to use that tight poster up there to show all your friends how excited you are about FEELS!)

In other news, did you know that I AM THE BEST? The best of Chicago’s local music, that is!

Check out the Music part of this page (or just visit my bandcamp page) to see what all the fuss is about!




I am launching a new sequential internet comic. It is called FEELS. It will run twice a week. It will be divided into Episodes, and later Seasons. Between Episodes, I will be filling the space with extraneous materials: sketches, notes, story things, bits, pieces. Soundtracks for the Episodes will also be involved.

This comic takes place in Chicago. The year, 2005. Higher education begins, the nest becomes empty, everything has changed outside, nothing has changed inside. Surrounded by new faces, everyone still finds themselves alone.

Here is part one.




The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo has come and gone, and it was quite the fabulous time!

I debuted some new comics there, and while I sold out of most of my extra copies, they are available at Quimby’s in Chicago!

The first is a newly colored version of Family, the lil’ mini I had at last year’s CAKE.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.04.29 PM

The next is more exciting, and I do actually have copies of it, so I’ll put them up for sale soon—




Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.08.28 PM


This is a very exciting new book, as it’s actually a mini-comic anthology I curated. It’s got new work from Laurie Piña, Megan Stanton, and Lillie West, who all made outstanding work with a vaguely “summer” theme. Golf Clap presently is definitely available at Quimby’s.


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.10.44 PM

The third comic is entitled “Sticks,” and is a sparse, new, and sensual bit of work.

On top of all this work, I’m also included in the newest LUMPEN comics issue!

As we all know, the Chicago Reader’s Comics Issue made… interesting choices as to who to include. All around great person Joe Tallarico gathered all those who were tossed out in the new Lumpen, including this bizarre comic of mine below:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.19.10 PMI would like to point out that this comic uses two of my favorite jokes I’ve ever come up with.

Zima/Assmist 2014.