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November 7th, 2008! EIGHT O CLOCK in the PM. (Get there right on time, or you’ll miss tunez) Why, it’s a house show! At a fantastic house of much repute. (Repute is good.) House of: Amelia, Lola, Liberty. (Do you know them? You should.) Here is the address: 1520 W Chicago Ave. (You know, by […]

No, there is no digital cross.  But there is a digital pumpkin! I do not know where the digital pumpkin came from. Anyways, I have thoughts on what is going on here. One, it is very strange to write the blog.  It is eerie to look back in time and write strange analyses about […]

Hey everyone! I know it’s been about a week since, but I just want to point out that the show at The Castaway Collective was a gigantic success!  Thank you to them, and everyone who came, because you all made it a giant love-in that I was very very happy to be in! Oh goodness! […]

When I became Violet Mice, and writing songs to be played by “Violet Mice,” it wasn’t as if I’d just picked up the guitar that fateful day on a New Orleans rooftop and began writing songs.  I’d been writing for years before that, under various names, with various bands, but the oldest form of this […]

So here I sit in this new site, and you’re peeking through the door, and you’re like, What? Well, maybe you aren’t, I don’t know, but still, I thought I’d tell you what the new things are all about. There’s a visual part of the site (you know, as apposed to Sound, as opposed to […]