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I’ve been drawing horizontal lines for the last half-hour, so a little break. To say “hi” and talk about things I like right now. First, Philip Roth. When I started reading him, I was unaware of the tendency to regard him as the “greatest living american author,” I just had seen his books on my […]

The amount of people who have downloaded Olympian is astounding. More people have done so than have done Girlz! This is fantastic! If you’re one who has downloaded Oly, then I thank you very much. And if you’re one who has downloaded Oly and then listened to it, then I adore you! So then, let’s […]

Hey, Billy, why are your hands black? I don’t know why. For some reason, even though everyone’s been saying it for years, having Billy Corgan be the only member of the Smashing Pumpkins is …I don’t know, I can’t say wrong, it just doesn’t sound right. It doesn’t make sense. Why now? Oh, who cares […]

It’s here, and it’s ready for you, and all you have to do is press the glyph below: Or this glyph here. and the information, OLYMPIAN EP: 1. Olympian 2. O, Miranda! 3. Property 4. Good Humor 5. It’s Endless! Recorded in Chicago and Albuquerque from December ’07 to March ’09 by Ian McDuffie.

The vast amount of work I did in my junior year (right, because it was SOOooo long ago) was around one particular subject. That was Ringo’s Rainbow, a magical world that starred Ringo, Me, and The Pig. Ringo flew through the sky, casting a magical rainbow behind him, and The Pig and I followed him, […]

I feel poor about not updating this visual section that often. I wish that there was a bevy of respectable work up here. So i’m going to do some closet-cleaning, putting up some Old Guard (I love that term) comics. This first one was an assignment to do a research comic about an event. I […]

—very soon.

like a cat, but only because there is some hidden sass (now irrelevant) in these sketchbook pages. they come from late last year. Yep. Oh, and be sure to be at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries (33 S. State St. 7th floor) this Friday (March 20th) at 7PM for the Undergraduate Exhibition (that i’m in, along with […]

Violet Mice (or, me, Ian, anyways) will have a piece in the upcoming Undergraduate Exhibition Show. Anyone at SAIC knows where and when it is (if you don’t, you may be in a heaven that doesn’t have the portal or in a cave that doesn’t have the portal.) If you don’t know what the portal […]

what does one write about now? I’m eating cheese puffs (sadly not Cheece Puffs, wah-wah, not my inside joke), and feeling sorry for myself. no scholarships for me! now i absolutely have to line up at 3 in the morning for ox-bow. it is funny how mildly upset this news has made me. even though […]