So! I said I was going to update this website often with, you know, updates9.15.09

I was listening to both Stereolab and Purple Penguin (a close friend of mine) at the time (very late in the night). The first band made me want to use chords I’ve never used before, and the second made me want to write beautiful melodies over intricate and wonderfully composed songs.

I don’t know how much either of those inspirations came out (and plus, it’s like a 30 second song), but still, it’s something! And it’s something that I really want to use in another song. Now to find the rest of the song! Such a puzzle. Is that the chorus? The verse? The end? A completely arbitrary part of a more complicated suite of songs?

Who knows.

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  1. Purple Penguin says:

    What the fuck man I am fucking touuuuuuched :D

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