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Yes, I’m still working! On many things (that’s left vague so I can make a longer post later). Recently, I applied (or whatever the word would be) to re-do the illustrations in a book about Kids meeting Kids and Having Friends. I haven’t yet heard back from them yet, but maybe they’re just taking a […]

Yes, since graduating, I’ve been working on a grand book, Birds & Wolves, cha. Also that Low Spark thing, and a new Album, a new song, tons of things! But did you know I’ve also been illustrating books on the internet? Who knew? I did! Here is the link to the first one I did, […]

Here’s a one-page comic I did for the lovely folks at Xerox Candy Bar a little while back: There are really two comics in this one. The one in the foreground, and the one in back.

I feel in need of a recap, professionally speaking. By which I mean: I have five mini-comics out in the world (which you can regard at Quimby’s here in Chicago), of which I will write here, with short descriptions: It Won’t Be Long: A visual pun, a transition, youthful romance: Bob Dylan’s 115th Hat: A […]

Somethings I’ve been working on. Well, a lot, actually– but I’ll let you know more about it when it’s up and about (cryyyptiiic):

Some illustration samples I recently did to see if I get a job or not (in color!):

In a limited edition of 5, I present “Triangle Theology,” pseudo-explorations of the H. Trinity in the form of cut Triangles. More pictures from the inside: Each page has a freehand triangle cut in it: The pages are cut from larger watercolor washes: Halfway through, the phrase “…and in the H. Ghost” appears: All writing […]

The triangle: a perfect form. The pyramid: four triangles in unison, perched atop our fair planet. Four perfect forms in one! In the year 4 billion, two things come to mind: One, is there still an Earth? Are we still on it? Two, if we are still on it, what are we still doing there? […]

(This post was for the class I’m in right now, but I feel like it’s a good summation, so I’m putting it up in this section, as a primer fro stumblers [hello, stumblers!]) It is good to spread out, I feel. What I mean by that is that it is nice to have many different […]

I made a 22-page book for my writing class with Mark Booth, called this: Here are some sample pages: You can download a copy here, or contact me for a physical copy.

This idea also started a long time ago, in some ways, at least. During the worst class I ever took (called Cyberpower, which you’d think would be the best class, but no), I drew two hideous cherubs singing The Beatles’ “It Won’t Be Long” back and forth to each other. It was satisfying to draw […]

Ho, one of the three mini-comics this semester brought upon me. Bob Dylan’s 115th Hat came from an idea I’ve had for a long time, that being using the hat Bob Dylan wears throughout 1975 (seen on the cover of Desire) in some sort of metaphysical adventure. Luckily (as the first ideas were a little […]

Here are a few pictures I took of the installation I had up in the Undergraduate Exhibition a month or so ago: The images on the wall were the entire version of this comic I’ve posted before: And on the chair were copies of Girlz, the album: Which, as a constant reminded, you can hear […]

Oh, no, i’ll be using that name for something else, I’m sure. But having come upon it last night, I just couldn’t resist. Anyways, these following are a series of paintings that I was working on at the same time I was working on the Ringo’s Rainbow stuff, which is to say January-May of 2008. […]

The vast amount of work I did in my junior year (right, because it was SOOooo long ago) was around one particular subject. That was Ringo’s Rainbow, a magical world that starred Ringo, Me, and The Pig. Ringo flew through the sky, casting a magical rainbow behind him, and The Pig and I followed him, […]

I feel poor about not updating this visual section that often. I wish that there was a bevy of respectable work up here. So i’m going to do some closet-cleaning, putting up some Old Guard (I love that term) comics. This first one was an assignment to do a research comic about an event. I […]

—very soon.

like a cat, but only because there is some hidden sass (now irrelevant) in these sketchbook pages. they come from late last year. Yep. Oh, and be sure to be at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries (33 S. State St. 7th floor) this Friday (March 20th) at 7PM for the Undergraduate Exhibition (that i’m in, along with […]

Here’s the first pages to what will eventually be the booklet for Girlz, however I find a way to get it out. These make up the lyrics to Sparrow Camel. Oh, and a reminder (Tee hee): The Girlz EP

Here is a comic I did for an assignment in my Comics class last semester with Jeremy Tinder. It was a super class, I am taking it again this semester (because I can, not because I failed or something ridiculous like that). The assignment was to buy a mini-comic and make a response to it […]

This is a little comic that I made for a class a few semesters ago. The assignment was to watch a nature show and respond to it. I was a little terrified with what I came up with.