FEELS is my current project— a webcomic about a fresh crop of art school students, figuring it out, sort of. Read it HERE.


Next World Over: 


Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 2.20.43 PM


Annie St. Clair might have accidentally created a super collider in her bedroom. Now she’s stuck in the next world over with her dumb older brother being menaced by a T-Rex. Whoops!

Color cover, b/w interior, 25 pages.







PARADISE LOST: A Sliders Anthology.




“Paradise Lost” is the consensus worst episode of the 90s television show Sliders (a show about parallel dimensions). In this episode, a mutated worm menaces an idyllic town while pooping blue goo that stops you from aging. Yikes.

In honor of this turd of an episode, I asked some of my cartoonist friends to create a comic in response to having to watch this episode. They came up with some amazing results.

Nate Beaty
Ben Bertin
Neil Brideau
Jenna Caravello
Krystal DiFronzo
Beth Hetland
Lyra Hill
Alex Lake
Ian McDuffie
Zoe Moss
Laurie Piña
Grant Reynolds
Sam Sharpe
Tyson Torstenson
Lale Westvind


36 pages, 8.5×11, b/w with some color.

That’s an incredible lineup!!!


Assorted Anthologies


Forced Field, from Harris Smith’s “Negative Pleasure,” 2013: ian1


So Lonely, from Lumpen’s Comics Issue, 2012:

solonelyThe Pasta Shine, from Leah Wishnia’s “Happiness #3”:

The Human Condition #2



The second chapter of what’s leading to an exciting adventure of self-discovery, women’s liberation and glam rock excess is here, in full psychedelic color! 24 pages that may or may not include a moon-landing.





“Dark new deaths.” A retelling of the end of a story no one read in the first place. Post-teens wax philosophical at the end of a false era. 21 pages, black and white.




The Human Condition #1

The beginning of a fabulous new adventure! The story begins far from home, as a lone woman discovers a relic of the past. Written, Penciled, Inked, & Colored from December 2010 to February 2011. 12 pages, full color everything.***

Low Spark (1913-1938-1973-201?)

A faceless fool of glittery origin unleashes a new era of transformation upon a post-post apocalyptic landscape. “Boss.” —Quimby’s. Made in April, 2010. B&W inside, Hand-colored cover! 20 pages.***

It Won’t Be Long

A visual pun of sorts. Two bicyclists catch each other’s eye and teach us a lesson about bike safety. Also, ghosts. Made in Spring, 2009. B&W copy, color cover. 21 pages.***

Bob Dylan’s 115th Hat

A young girl’s discovery in a creaky attic leads her on an adventure through time and space! Mac Tonight guest stars. Made in Spring, 2009. B&W inside, color cover. 12 pages.***