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Everyone, while talking about The Walkmen, talked about “Angela Surf City.” I have no bone to pick with that song, it is also a great song. But what everybody kept saying was that “Angela” was going to be held up in their great song canon right up next to “The Rat.” I never quite bought […]

In this age of the internet, things like “album release” dates get very messy. So when it comes time for me to put together my “fave songs” list, I remember that “Teen Dream” “came out” last winter, when really it just leaked then, and came out in January. It’s confusing, but basically I mean for […]

I Am Miss Bones I feel like there were a lot of big “second albums” this year, or like, “second comings” or something like that. Maybe it was just that people did such a good job that it seemed like they’d been away for a while, like the work was so good it warranted a […]

I read an article that was interviewing The National as they were finishing this song (Lemonworld). It made it sound like the band were pretty much fed up with making it, and went with something they weren’t totally happy with, and if I had read the article before hearing the song, I would have been […]

I remember seeing Women at Pitchfork the other year (ha), and being both surprised and casually “into it,” by which I mean I didn’t know anything about this band other than the fact that they had a cool name and album cover. But I particularly remember what turned out to be “Shaking Hand” really standing […]

(That fan-made video is great! People really can do great things with time on their hands!) Another no-brainer, not really a surprise, but delightful nonetheless thing: Deerhunter returns with a totally awesome new album! Deerhunter has now solidified themselves as a band that truly can do no harm in my eyes. Every album they put […]

Sufjan returned! And better yet, he confounded expectations! Was there a Banjo on any part of Age of Adz? Maybe not, but who cares, when his unbridled creative majesty was ALL over the place and made for a thrilling listen that apparently adults couldn’t understand. But I identified more with the nearly 20-minute guitar workout […]

No one really seems to get “Congratulations.” Or rather, people “got” it, like, they knew what MGMT were trying to do, but no one seemed to really connect with it. Which is a shame, because they’re actually missing out on of the years secret Pop Gems! Yes, that’s right, MGMT’s “difficult” second album is a […]

A simple thing: did you guys know I’ve embraced more of the digital age? Well, I have, and you can do that whole “like” thing on that one site with the “Liking” if you want. And, more importantly (i’d say, though i luv you all), I have a set-up at Bandcamp, an absolutely wonderful site […]